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Graphics for Briefs:

Show the Judge exactly what you’re talking about. Our artists make intricate illustrations or simple color-coded patent figures that you can embed in your brief to drive home your written arguments.


Electronic Briefs:

Your brief should be the place the Judge looks for convenient access to relevant evidence.  We hyperlink the text in your brief to source documents and deposition testimony, cases, and other source documents, or to graphic elements in a pdf file (such as event boxes in a timeline graphic).


Tutorial Strategy:

Allow our experienced group of visual communicators to offer their take on your technology.  We have helped teach hundreds of technologies and are experts in the design, production and presentation of technology tutorials.  We will work with you to narrow the presentation down to what is needed, and present it in a concise and meaningful way.


Storyboards are illustrated stills that represent animation and accompany a script to show what will be on the screen at any given time. By creating these stills in tandem with the script, we can give you an early indication of what your finished animations will look like in an effort to avoid having to make costly changes to animations later in the process.


Whether simplistic or photo-realistic, your strategy to use a certain look for the graphics and animations should not be hindered by the artistic limitations of your graphics company. We are experts in this highly technical field and pride ourselves on visuals that tell a clear, focused, and compelling story.


Slides and Animations:

Communicate your positions more effectively with visual support. We use state of the art technologies to work with you efficiently to design, produce, and flawlessly present persuasive graphics and animation to the Court.  Our artists are seasoned PowerPoint presenters. Video resolution / Hz / color calibration should not be your concern, so we research ahead of time to make sure any needed equipment or adjustments are in place for your presentation location.


Boards and Models:

Unlike projected electronic media which is constantly changing, boards can stay visible throughout the course of a hearing or trial. We have the finest quality printing capabilities including specialty magnetic and Velcro boards as well as 3D models.


Bench Books:

Allow the Judge and law clerks to take notes on and review what you've presented by handing up a comprehensive bench book. We print and organize your slides in tabbed binders and include CDs with the animations you presented. 


Courtroom Survey and Setup:

We sweat the courtroom setup details so you don’t  have to. Working with the courtroom staff and equipment rental vendors, we provide the best and most reliable courtroom presentation setup possible.

War Room Setup and Support:

Fast, reliable turnaround of your graphics and animations is a must at trial.  Our setup includes the latest state of the art equipment to get the job done 24/7. 


Evidence Presentation:

We’ll coordinate with your in-house Trial Techs or recommend one of our many vendors to call up documents on the fly.  

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